Prophilo injection 

Profhilo is a revolutionary type of injectable rejuvenation treatment that deeply hydrates and lifts the skin.

Unlike dermal fillers, it is not designed to add volume to the skin or restrict movement in the facial muscles. Instead, this anti-ageing hydration treatment contains high levels of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring compound, which helps improve tone, texture and elasticity.

To get the best out of Profhilo®, you need 2 sessions with an interval of 4 weeks. As for the results, they are gradual and some people may witness the difference within a week or two. Yet, the best outcome of the treatment will be visible 4 weeks after the 2nd treatment. The magical effect of Profhilo lasts for up to 1 year and it may differ between one person & another.

Areas can be treated are:

  • Face

  • Neck

  • Hands

  • Arms

  • abdomen

Profhilo treatment benefits are:

  • Improve skin structure and Laxity

  • Returns volume and firmness

  • Deeply hydrates your skin

  • Stimulates 4 types of collagen growth 

  • long lasting results


Summary Of Your Treatment

 Procedure Time 

20  minutes estimated

Duration Of Results

up to 1 years


does not require any local anaesthetic  cream but can be used if needed

Risks & Complications

1- skin Lumpiness can occur following the procedure but will smooth out over time  
2- skin redness can occur at the injection site 

3- skin bruises

Full Recovery

some redness for few hours

Number of Treatment

2 treatments, 4 weeks apart